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PCD Round Drawing Dies
PCD diamond wire drawing dies has long drawing life, has widely application range, can be repaired many times, specifications range 0.08-15mm.
PCD Wire Dies
PCD DIE: Polycrystalline is a kind of synthetic material which combines the advantages of perfect surface finish, minimum friction and high wear resistance. Application: Nonferrous wire, including copper, aluminum, electromagnetic wire and stainless steel
Polycrystalline Die
Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) Dies are the backbone of Wire Industry, when longer life, predictable performance along with excellent surface finish are required.
Square Drawing Dies
Selection imported and domestic high-quality mold processing, support hexagonal, square, flat square, triangle, circle, and various special-shaped hole requirements, suitable for drawing copper flat wire.
PCD Drawing Dies for Copper and Iron Steel Wire
A wire drawing die is a tool that consists of a highly polished, shaped hole through which wire is drawing to reduce its diameter. The choice of die material is Natural or Nynthetic single crystal diamond, Polycrystalline diamond, carbide.
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